Jan 29, 2007

Jan 26, 2007

J'y suis...J'y reste...

Cheers guys for 24 years of friendship!
....17 years in zahle!
....5 years in beyrouth!
....2 years in Paris!
....and after Paris????

Cheers....hey2etna be2yin in paris mech rej3in....

The country doesn't deserve us???

NOP we don't deserve The country ...ma kharjna ykoun 3enna balad!!!

A very very very old song ...
Eh oui "qui peut dire pourquoi tous ces gens qui vivaient en paix ont un jour perdu le secret qui les rassemblaient???"

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Jan 24, 2007

Comment ca va chez vous?

-Chez nous à Paris ca gêle et vous?
-Chez moi au Liban ca brûle!!!

-Chez nous à Paris c'est l'alerte orange*, et vous?
-Chez moi au Liban c'est l'orange** qui alerte!!!

-Chez nous à Paris demain il va neiger et vous?
-Chez moi au Liban on s'en fout, on sera pas l
à demain...

*alerte orange c'est de la neige, du vent, des températures trooooooooooooooop basses et bcp bcp bcp bcp de froid....non pas au coeur mais dans l'air :)

**orange qui alerte c'est de la chaleur plein plein plein de chaleur... non pas de l'amour mais des pneus qui brû

Jan 19, 2007

La différence....

Entre un coq et une poule?
La poule c'est un coq sans chapeau, ou bien le coq c'est une poule avec un chapeau en plus?

Entre une orange et une clémentine?
Ben dans une orange y a pas de p

Entre un Mojito et un Creamy Mojito?
J'en sais rien, faudra demander à MMMMMMMMM!

Entre innocence et ignorance?
Voyez Osho ce qu'il dit.

Entre apparence et réali?
Apparemment la r
éalite s'est avérée trop falsifiée!

Entre elle et lui?
Elle, lui a fait confiance...Lui, en a abus

Entre lui et les autres?
Il est tout comme les autres

Entre ce qu'elle pense et ce qu'elle dit ?

Absolument pas de diff
érence, concordance totale!!

Entre ce qu'il pense et ce qu'il dit?
Beau parleur certes mais penseur??????

Entre ce qu'il a dit et ce qu'il a fait?
Quel paradoxe!

Entre elle avant et elle maintenant?
érence??...NON je dirais plutôt indifférence!!

Jan 18, 2007

Kiss me again!!!

Stop having thoughts...
"Kiss me again" as in "Shit" ..."Merde"...."Mille millions de mille sabords" how could someone forget to attend the staff!!!
Damn it! The "faire part" was sent 3 weeks ago, you starred the email, wrote a note almost everywhere and yet you forgot!!!!

Shit shit shit... you even worked on the bibliography research (cause you're the youngest one & less experienced & you don't wanna look like a fool) !!!

What were you thinking!!!!!!!

Now you have to find a valuable, decent, logical excuse other than :
  • Had to go te leb..family matter..
  • Colis suspect et traffic perturbe dans le metro.
  • J'ai un stage ailleurs cause it was at 20h30, no training or work at this hour!
  • I was in Lyon and there was a transportation strike.
  • Simply... I forgot (the worst one).
  • J'etais a la prefecture.
Any suggestions?

Loss of inspiration....

"Hal ya toura" I am loosing my blogging skills or is it lack of inspiration????
Or is it blogging boredom???
Or maybe I just can't think about anything???

I guess this is the worst post ever....but it's a post!

Jan 17, 2007

Do you have the right ....

... to feel this mad and angry with no reason at all?
...to wake up on the wrong side of the bed and feel like "Arghhhhhhhhhhh! "
...to want a rationnal "metamorphose" in the life you always wanted!
...to wonder like an idiot about this metamorphose..."girl you got everything,what's your problem?"
...to wake up and feel like not going out and not doing anything!
...to be mad cause there's a lot to be done & staying home won't resolve anything!
...to have the urge to call them but restrain from doing it just because you don't want
to show
them your well wrapped weakness!
...to feel even more the blues after receiving an sms yelling at you just because you were nagging...elle c'est encore pire, fallait pas l'embeter!
...to feel the need just to stare at the ceiling, no music, no nothing....bass testil!!!
...to feel for once like you wanna talk!
...then like a fool think about talking with {names are copyrighted}
(really what were you thinking?? so not you!!)
...not to get the responsive ear (not anyone's ear) you seeked for!
...to wonder why are you still this responsive to that specific ear!
...then get more mad cause you thought about seeking this ear...once again, quelle idiotie!
...to call Stigz and tell him "je m'emmeeeeeeeeeeerde"!
...to feel even more and more mad for having this feeling!
...to feel like shouting "zhe2et...leave me alone"

And then finally wonder "whom are you asking to leave you alone?...laisse tomber krys, c'est des efforts en vain....just think HAKUNA MATATA"

Jan 16, 2007

* Why are you walking behind me?
* Par galanterie....you want me to walk ahead of you?
* Nop... Let us walk side by side!

Jan 15, 2007

Parlons un peu de ....

  1. Parlez lui de Dieu....... Elle vous dira "J'ai pas encore eu ni le temps ni l'occasion de faire sa connaissance"
  2. Parlez lui de son Pays...... Elle vous dira "Can't live in it yet can't live away from it"
  3. Parlez lui de Mariage...... Elle vous dira "Listen to Frank Sinatra's song LOVE AND MARRIAGE"
  4. Parlez lui de l'Amour...... Elle vous dira "Parlons d'autres choses"
  5. Parlez lui de l'Infidélité...... Elle vous dira "Impardonnable"
  6. Parlez lui de Responsabilité...... Elle vous dira "Hélas...Few know its meaning!"
  7. Parlez lui de la Maturité...... Elle vous dira "Rare"
  8. Parlez lui de l'Intelligence...... Elle vous dira "Beautiful Minds"
  9. Parlez lui de la Perfection...... Elle vous dira "Arme à double tranchant"
  10. Parlez lui du Hasard...... Elle vous dira "Assez folle pour y croire"
  11. Parlez lui de la Chance...... Elle vous dira "Bof!"
  12. Parlez lui de Musique...... Elle vous dira "Gotta feel it to appreciate it"
  13. Parlez lui de Beauté...... Elle vous dira "C'est relatif"
  14. Parlez lui de Relativité...... Elle vous dira "Assez! Suis pas si intelligente que ça!"
  15. Parlez lui de Dépression...... Elle vous dira "Définissez le terme depression avant qu'on en discute"
  16. Parlez lui de la Mort...... Elle vous dira "Ca va pas! J'ai d'autres soucis en tête"
  17. Parlez lui de Silence...... Elle vous dira "Souvent mal interprété"
  18. Parlez lui de Satistiques, Maths, Physiques et Chimie...... Elle vous dira "Ironically, j'y pige rien"
  19. Parlez lui de Parfum...... Elle vous dira "Je dois le sentir.......sur toi"
  20. Parlez lui de Chaussures...... Elle vous dira "J'en ai jamais assez"
  21. Parlez lui de Mojito...... Elle vous dira "Cheers"
  22. Parlez lui de Café...... Elle vous dira "Ca tombe bien, arrêtons cette discussion et allons prendre un café................

Au fil des annees.....

Different outlooks.....

.....Same innerself!

Does that make me crazy?

Jan 14, 2007

Des jours comme ça....

.........watching The Simpsons, a bottle of Coca light and Brownies......that's the episode when Marge decides to become a police officer, and surprisingly you hear the phone ringing...."Damn I am in Leb, how come the ringing is the same as the one I have in Paris!!"........Still ringing..................That's when you wake up and realise you still in Paris and you're only dreaming cause no way you could be watching TV since it's been 3 months that you got the TV but haven't got the cable yet (so basically your TV is an ornament object in the room) and really the phone is ringing!

-Allo (with the french accent)
-Tu dors encore?

-Visiblement oui...Il est quelle heure?
-Quoi???????? Fi chi????

-Nop bas am calling you b4 you head to work.....
-Hellooooooooo, am not working anymore!!
-Yi c vrai, nsit!

-Eh oui, t'étais dans un autre monde quand je t'en ai parlé....il t'avait envoyé un texto et t'as presque perdu conscience et t'écoutais plus un seul mot de ce que je disais!
-Bala sa2alé!
-Mais non je suis serieuse, tu perds la tête à chaque fois qu'il te fait signe...majdoubé!!!
-Yeah yeah...on verra bien...

-On verra bien quoi??

-Le jour quand toi tu perdras ta tête..
-Hahahaha, qu'est ce que tu peux être naĩve parfois!!!!
-Teb, rira bien qui rira le dernier...
-Dis donc si c'est pour dire des conneries que tu m'appeles samedi matin à 8h, vaut mieux raccrocher!!

-Typically Krys
-Tu n'a qu'à te retirer si mon attitude ne te plais pas!!!

-Mais non je te tire ma révérence instead....Hommage à toi eternal bachelorette!
-Hidden skills de bon matin toi!!
-Nop, c'est l'inspiration
-Inspiration.....Love....Amour...."L'amour, l'amour, l'amour"....You know the song from the Hotel Costes Album
-Bla bla bla...Bicharafik spare me details.....don't start!!!! Ba3ed fi chi??

-Tu t'empresses d'aller où?

-Je retourne à mon rêve

-Hoooo, vu ton empressement on dirait que tu rêvais au prince charmant!!
-Hey call me when you wake up again, I have some bla bla bla to tell u

-Vu (avec une grimace cause I know it's gonna be the usual bla bla bla for hours)...a+

And eventually I couldn't sleep anymore.......So I prepared my coffee, put on Phil Coulter's Cd and with a sigh opened the window to see this beautiful view.......After all she didn't ruin my saturday morning.......
....I could have missed that view had I slept for a later hour..............

Jan 13, 2007

The 47th pair....


  1. Good mood.........Checked
  2. Positive thinking......Checked (*stop thinking tout court)
  3. Positive attitude.....Checked
  4. Bank account......Checked ( *call the parents)
  5. Best parents....Checked
  6. Good friends....Checked
  7. Best friends.....Checked
  8. Casual friends....Checked
  9. Funny bloggers......Checked
  10. Beautiful minds......Checked (*Fading away)
  11. Best brother......Checked (*call him for the thing)
  12. 10 Go music......Checked (*Get an external hard disk)
  13. Iron deficiency....Checked ( *call the doctor)
  14. Favourite perfume.....Checked (*Get the matching body lotion)
  15. Internet......Checked
  16. Coffee.....Checked
  17. 0 Fat marshmallows........Checked
  18. Converse.......Checked
  19. 46 Pairs of shoes......Checked

So all my daily "must" ingredients are basically here, (eventhough some stuff need to get fixed) but got the feeling that something's missing......

What could it possibly be???

Jan 12, 2007

What to wear this morning?

Sexy Flexy????

...et tituber toute la journee, rechercher une chaise toutes les 15min pour se reposer et rentrer le soir avec un mal de dos, avaler 2 cachets de "Doliprane*" et ne plus resortir....

Or practical ????
....and just be comfortable all day long...

*Doliprane is the french Paracetamol

Jan 10, 2007

Yes? No?

He freaked.....He freaked not!
She's mad....She's not mad!
He's a liar....He's not a liar!
She let go....She doesn't let go!
He's bored.....He's not bored!
She understands....She understands not!
He's lost....He's not lost!
She's lost....She's not lost!
He speaks....He speaks not!
She listens....She listens not!
He wants her....He wants her not!
She cares.....She cares not!
He cares.....He cares not!

Jan 9, 2007

L'asile des fous...

Et Dieu créa la femme....Et Dieu créa l'homme aussi and he complicated my life , why? Well because for some reason I became the ultimate advisor of every girl I know...

Here's a quick debrief:
R1, deeply in love with him, after 3 months he confessed he's married, has a child and expecting another one.......nice!!

R2, left her boyfriend in paris, went to beyrut to see someone she met 3 years
ago to find out he's not worth it, plus he got bitten by a dog during the holidays so basically she went for nothing......mmmm!!!

R3, took a break...and he got engaged to another one......wow!!!

J, not only he left to Dubai but also was cheating on her during 2 years with his ex......just great!!

, broke up finally with the mysterious guy she was with for 5 years
he was married cause she managed not to introduce him for 5 years) and finally she liked a normal guy then found out he's leaving for 3 years to the states....sigh...!

, the worst, met him, fell in love, planned to get married after 2 months, drop her studies and have children...finally she woke up thank god, he was 20 years older et d'une "avarice rare".....l hamdella khlesna meno....!

C, the most complicated and odd relationships, fell for the married guy but fought her feeling (so far it's great), met another not only married and divorced man with one child but also from another religion (her parents would rather kill her), meanwhile the
love of her life divorced and you would guess the rest I think, but this man is 16 years older, ok he's divorced but his elder child is 16 years old.......now she's torn between the two....freaking I know!!!

R, was going out with a plastic surgeon, left her for a bimbo....good for her, he was an idiot!!!

, it's been 5 years that she's planning to break up and it's been 5 years that his ex is trying to convince her to marry him....in my opinion, both are not worth the trouble!!!

M (bulgarian), lives with her bulgarian bf, met G through meetic (lol :D) and loves the other G, married with a child......no comments!

B, unfortenately didn't have the time to catch up...(ouf thank god I was spared another story)


So now can you imagine my torture and I haven't told you about the guys, worse than girls' stories.

GIRLS I ONLY HAVE ONE THING TO SAY (other than you caused me a huge headac
he and what on earth is wrong with you and go read my post "CAN WE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE"!!!):

This is a toast to all of you beautiful ladies for 2007!
For the men who are fortunate enough to have you!
The losers who had you and lost you!
And the very lucky bastards who are still to meet you!

Jan 7, 2007

Fortune cookie!

So I found in my mailbox today a fortune cookie...Don't know where it came from or who sent it but most importantly here's what it had inside of it
"Your dearest wish will come true"

Cool!!! Am going to drive a F1 car and eventually meet Michael Schumacher !!!

Jan 6, 2007

I hate....

  • My ambition,
  • My seek for perfection,
  • My future plans,
  • The fact that I am following my dreams,
  • The autonomy I have in taking my decisions,
  • The scholarship,
  • The failure Lebanon is going through,
  • The acceptance for the universities,
  • The opportunities I am seizing,
  • The freedom of my heart,
  • The encouragement I got and I still get,
  • The strength to keep walking,
  • The plane I took today,

I hate all of the above bringing me back to Paris away from home………..

Jan 4, 2007

The wrong equation!

  1. Everytime a relationship ends up with a failure....
  2. Everytime I leave lebanon....
  3. Whenever I have a fight with my best friends....
  4. When I found out he's a big liar just defying his friend to break my iron wall....
  5. Quand je pique une crise de colere....
  6. When I realised that nothing is going well between them and for 24 years it was a fake play....
  7. When my car slided and I almost died....
  8. When I was broke and decided to deal with it on my own....
  9. When my two best friend's dads died....
  10. When he proposed to me....

If in all these cases I haven't cried then why on earth I feel the urge to cry this afternoon???

Crying equals weakness but weakness doesn't equal Krys!!!