Sep 3, 2006

Coffee is poopy!

Well they say coffee is poopy or at least this too much caring friend that sent me this pic says so (cuz friends, I mean very good friends are supposed to care for each other and look one after another in order to live happily ever after till they drop dead and because they say that a friend, sorry a very good friend is, as it were, a second itself )but aren't we poopy without coffee???? At least I am !!

I've been told so many things about coffee, baaaaaaaaad stuff, but how to survive without coffee!!!! It's a very difficult task unless you're taking part of the "scientologie" (
which teaches you how to survive, duh!!! if you want you can ask Tom Cruise about it or John Travolta if you prefer, the two of them are very involved in this field and.....what am I talking about , this is supposed to be about coffee not scientology!!!! )

So until they come out, our super duper scientists, with a product awakening as much as coffee yet more useful and healthy for our sacred body :

STOP telling me "COFFEE IS POOPY" !!!!

Sep 2, 2006


I wanna be there....

Hélas, "les rêves donnent du travail" .................