Nov 30, 2006

Combien tu pèses ?

Ce n’est un secret pour personne :

Plus une femme a confiance en elle, plus elle attire les regards.

C’est sa beauté intérieure qui rejaillit.

Nov 26, 2006

961 Call me Lebanon...

Ring ring.....Ring ring.....Ring ring....Ring ring....
"Hello you've reached Lebanon's voice messages box, I can't answer for the moment, I am being assasinated, ruined, strangled, poisonned, divided by my own people. Please leave a message after the beep but I might not return your call for I am drawning very fast and probably will be in a state of coma for a very long time.Thank you and have a nice life."

Nov 22, 2006

We7yat Eli Rahou

...wehyat li rahou...

Nov 21, 2006

Is it literally "koullouna" lil watan?

What are we really celebrating on the 22? Independance day??? Yeah right........!!
And now what, they will all deny this additionnal crime and then what?
OK 3 days of "hded watani" and then what?
So now we have an additionnal name on the list of murders and then what?
For how long we'll keep on paying the "price" and is it an unaffordable price???

And now what?
Who's next on the list?

Nov 17, 2006

To be or not to be.

"There may be many flowers in a man's life, but there's only one rose"

Nov 9, 2006

A chocolate what if.......

What if... we had an M&M's instead of the brain....then we'd be thinking as small as an M&M is?

What if... we had a chocolate heart....would it melt with the slightest "mot chaleureux"?

What if... lettuce tasted as chocolate.....everyone would be doing the 0 calories lettuce


What if... "KOOSSA"
tasted like chocolate....then we would never make fun of the homsy who kept on asking about a "booza 3a koussa" and then when finally
someone told him "yes", he replied "beuuuuuuuuuuuurk"!

What if... saliva tasted as chocolate....then we would never wonder what it will be like to kiss x or y!

What if... we had chocolate hair...everytime we get hungry, we grab a hair snack!

What if... there was only one perfume that smells like chocolate....and they say chocolate is aphrodisiac...hehe i'll leave it to your imagination :P

What if... we had chocolate teeth....whenever you have hot coffee or would melt!!!

What if... there was only one brand of chocolate...then I won't be standing in the supermarket for an hour trying to pick up just one bar
(that's my personnal rule...never buy more than one bar cuz I know am gonna eat everything)

What if... "chocolat mou" from the serie "Al oustaz wal mou3alima" on TL was really named like this,imagine the possible reactions when she presents herself
....."enchantée, moi c'est chocolat mou"!

What if... they never invented hot chocolate...probably I couldn't work out what I call my "cure de décaféination"...Something has to replace some of my daily 20 cups of coffee!!!

What if...What if...What if...What if...What if...What if...What if...What if...What if...

What if...I go get myself a hot chocolate or a chocolate bar cause obvisously am eager for it!

Nov 6, 2006

How can you tell that you're dead ?

How do you know that you're dead?

Well you realise that you're dead, or shall I say your spirit is dead:

When you don't tell the difference between a Mc Donald's fish burger and a Quick's fish burger
(both are yucky but the Quick's one is really really really yucky)

When you go to buy groceries, all you manage to buy is "Pepsi Max"
(french version of diet pepsi), chocolate, frozen food (cause you don't feel like "kitchenizing") in brief crapy junk food and you forget about meat, vegetables, food and milk.

When you don't notice that your ass is getting bigger, but you think the dryer machine messed up your jeans and you decide to buy a one size bigger jeans (
only one size bigger cause if you need a 2 size bigger one then there's no hope for you in reincarnation, you're already either in heaven or hell)

When you decide to buy a one size bigger jeans, you buy it on the internet no matter what and even though you know that in order to buy a good jeans, you usually try all the jeans on earth....but you don't care, just put the credit card number and the jeans will be yours.

When you force yourself to call your best friend after two months of abstinence and when she asks you "what's new?", you answer "nothing, the usual stuff"....

When you don't care to find out who sent you those lovely flowers one week ago.

When this guy you appreciate tells you nice stuff and you reply back with a forced smile and the look that says "Why don't you go bother somone else!"

When you go shopping and all you bring back is a "zara" white shirt small, don't even bother to try it cause you already have 4 or 5.

When you listen to "Cherie Fm" all day long and even worse, you sing with Pascal Obispo "Rosaaaaaaaaaaaa"
(chanson merdique) and you don't notice that they played "Last christmas" 10 times in one hour and you don't put off the radio when you hear James Blunt nagging!

When you don't tell the difference between Coffee and Nescafe...

When you don't care if your friend coming from Leb has gotten you 2 bags of 0 fat marmallows and "Red HALLS"
(beleive it or not, in a city as huge as Paris you can't find 0 fat marmallows and by the way "coffee mate" also).

When you don't laugh at this silly joke Stigz always tell about "this guy who went to the anticary shop and asked the owner if he has something new" .....

When you stop taking your camera everywhere you go.

When you start thinking that you're getting old and you make the inventory of the past 5 years and start a "remise en cause" of the decisions you took.

When you're convinced that everything happens for a reason and you doubt every single detail and you start asking those silly questions "How, when, where, what" about fate, luck and destiny.

When you stop wearing your favourite perfume.

When you forget that "Flow gently sweet afton" (Phil Coulter) could cheer you up whatever the reasons making you feel down are and that "Coultergeist" makes you dream......

When you go to have a drink with your friends
(they treated you by all sorts of names because you decided to stay home on a saturday night) you tell the barman "Bring me whatever...a Mojito or a Vodka....." eventhough you hate vodka and Mojito is your favourite drink.

When you don't enjoy the best strawberry milkshake you used to at the end of the day.

When you read "Le diable s'habille en Prada" till the end without getting bored and this Dan Brown book, "Deception Point" traine sur l'etagere depuis un mois et tu n'as meme pas lu la preface.

When you enjoy eating "zaatar" in a "baguette" and not in lebanese bread that you can easily get from the shop around the corner.

When it's been 2 months that you're thinking that you shall play tennis again, jog again, go to the gym again and swim again
(cause your back is hurting) but then again another week is over and you're just thinking again!

When you're comfortable with your lack of energy and passive numbness.

When you're deliberately letting go of your spontaneity, sense of humour and your enthusiasm to tell out loud everything funny and exciting that happened to me you or the ability to enjoy something funny, exciting and spontaneous.

When you're mutating to become your "biggest fears": raleuse, emmerdeuse, entrepreneuse, paresseuse, bosseuse, douteuse
(de tout et de tous), peureuse...

And last but not least, when you're awake at 2 o'clock after midnight trying to find out if you're dead or not just because you got the "wake up call".........."what the hell happened to you, you haven't called for the past two months and now that you managed to have time, you're telling me nothing excited happened to I really hearing "machi mhem,the usual stuff"!!..either you're making fun of me or you're a dead zombie par hasard, really krys, are you mentally dead?

Nov 5, 2006

There's always hope....

Do you think I could make it to the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD book?