Sep 30, 2008

Quelques credits a l'XY

  1. They don't talk about guys and relationships 24 hours 7 days a week
  2. They eat M&M's and brownies without counting the calories!
  3. They travel light..... so you can put all your extra stuff with their luggage :))
  4. You can take pictures making funny faces and put them on facebook without getting harassed of having your head chopped in the next five minutes if you don't remove the pic!
  5. You can go to the movies to watch the fast and the furious with a huge bowl of cheese pop corn and not "P.S I love you".
  6. You can have a drink and stay the whole night in the same place without chasing the cute guys from one place to another!
  7. He will bring you the new gold Asics from the states and will not pretend they didn't have your size but they did have his!
  8. He will not go out with your ex!
  9. They will forward you funny jokes about politics, money, sex and so on...not chain messages and prayers to pass to 500 people otherwise you will not meet the love of your life!
  10. You can call them at midnight cause you're pissed of your guy and they would still meet you for a drink without mascara and will not insist for details!
  11. They don't wear Jean Paul Gaultier perfume (the classic perfume) that would make you suffocate in less than 3 seconds.
  12. It will never occur to their mind that you're jealous if you criticize their new haircut or their new jacket!
  13. They don't pass out when the radio plays one of James Blunt songs!
  14. They will nudge you on msn just to say blah and you don't have to apologise and come up with excuses the next time they log in if you couldn't nudge them back!
  15. You don't have to add miss u, kiss u, mwaaaaah at the end of each mail and msg you send to them!
  16. You can tell them "ta gueuuuuuule" without worrying if they took it seriously!
  17. They will daydream with you about driving a Ferrari in Monza and not about giving anything to have a one night in Dr Shepherd's arm!

Sep 26, 2008

So what?? my friend is a jackass... but how on earth you want me to become a friend to this jackass!!! huh??!!!!