Jan 9, 2007

L'asile des fous...

Et Dieu créa la femme....Et Dieu créa l'homme aussi and he complicated my life , why? Well because for some reason I became the ultimate advisor of every girl I know...

Here's a quick debrief:
R1, deeply in love with him, after 3 months he confessed he's married, has a child and expecting another one.......nice!!

R2, left her boyfriend in paris, went to beyrut to see someone she met 3 years
ago to find out he's not worth it, plus he got bitten by a dog during the holidays so basically she went for nothing......mmmm!!!

R3, took a break...and he got engaged to another one......wow!!!

J, not only he left to Dubai but also was cheating on her during 2 years with his ex......just great!!

, broke up finally with the mysterious guy she was with for 5 years
he was married cause she managed not to introduce him for 5 years) and finally she liked a normal guy then found out he's leaving for 3 years to the states....sigh...!

, the worst, met him, fell in love, planned to get married after 2 months, drop her studies and have children...finally she woke up thank god, he was 20 years older et d'une "avarice rare".....l hamdella khlesna meno....!

C, the most complicated and odd relationships, fell for the married guy but fought her feeling (so far it's great), met another not only married and divorced man with one child but also from another religion (her parents would rather kill her), meanwhile the
love of her life divorced and you would guess the rest I think, but this man is 16 years older, ok he's divorced but his elder child is 16 years old.......now she's torn between the two....freaking I know!!!

R, was going out with a plastic surgeon, left her for a bimbo....good for her, he was an idiot!!!

, it's been 5 years that she's planning to break up and it's been 5 years that his ex is trying to convince her to marry him....in my opinion, both are not worth the trouble!!!

M (bulgarian), lives with her bulgarian bf, met G through meetic (lol :D) and loves the other G, married with a child......no comments!

B, unfortenately didn't have the time to catch up...(ouf thank god I was spared another story)


So now can you imagine my torture and I haven't told you about the guys, worse than girls' stories.

GIRLS I ONLY HAVE ONE THING TO SAY (other than you caused me a huge headac
he and what on earth is wrong with you and go read my post "CAN WE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE"!!!):

This is a toast to all of you beautiful ladies for 2007!
For the men who are fortunate enough to have you!
The losers who had you and lost you!
And the very lucky bastards who are still to meet you!


nobilis tobilis said...

I never entered a relationship that caused me headaches, however, i'm still not satisfied. Maybe complicated things are more challenging. They add some taste to the relationship.
So i'm lost, is "G" a guy or a girl?


Krys, which one is your hand?

Krys said...

NB, some challenges are just "unchallengable" (dunno if this word exists)....The Red G is a girl and the 2 blue G in M section are 2 boys... Still confused?

m, am wearing pearls and before you ask (just like everybody does) "yes, I wear my watch on my right wrist" :P

Khawwta said...

Hamdella.. ma 3idyouki :)

Krys said...

khawwta, je suis vaccinee :D

acidFOG said...

I wear th watch on the right wrist too! and btw I didnt understand a thing from the post, i got so confused so i stopped! ad did u really have to start it with french!! at least translate!!:(

Krys said...

acidfog, that's a motivation for you to start learning french!

It's good ur only confused, I was expecting headaches after reading this post lol :D

acidFOG said...

that miht've happened if i continued, but thank god i stopped! cuz believe me, if i didn't i think that migh head would've litterally exploded!