Jan 18, 2007

Kiss me again!!!

Stop having thoughts...
"Kiss me again" as in "Shit" ..."Merde"...."Mille millions de mille sabords" how could someone forget to attend the staff!!!
Damn it! The "faire part" was sent 3 weeks ago, you starred the email, wrote a note almost everywhere and yet you forgot!!!!

Shit shit shit... you even worked on the bibliography research (cause you're the youngest one & less experienced & you don't wanna look like a fool) !!!

What were you thinking!!!!!!!

Now you have to find a valuable, decent, logical excuse other than :
  • Had to go te leb..family matter..
  • Colis suspect et traffic perturbe dans le metro.
  • J'ai un stage ailleurs cause it was at 20h30, no training or work at this hour!
  • I was in Lyon and there was a transportation strike.
  • Simply... I forgot (the worst one).
  • J'etais a la prefecture.
Any suggestions?



hmmmmm how about i forgot!!

Or the dog ate my key apt, or your without snooze cell phone? :D:D

nobilis tobilis said...

How abt I was away for a while, on the Blogosphere?
Or reveal to them ur secret identity. U're a secret agent for a secret agency, working on a mission that would change the world?

anyway, zluaaxa


Yeah tobilis! Great Idea, tell them that your Alter Ego is cat woman for example!

dfsipmpw: 3 can play the game better! I can see that NT solved the riddle ;)

Sam said...

the fact of being in Lyon... and lost smthg important there and u had to stay for an additional day to go to the police... (Sa2allah!!!)

acidFOG said...

Tell them: "I don't care what you think or what you will do, I just forgot, so?? KILL ME!!" The best!!;)

Krys said...

Well guys thanks for the tips, I'll think about it and see what suits best :) I guess the secret agency is a good idea after all, but revealing my real identity could be compromising lol :D

And acidfog, I need to explain myself in a "subtile" way, that's not like skipping courses, it's a reunion where some interesting cases in my field of work are discussed.

Sam, ley ana bensa what happened that week end a lyon, all the bad luck one could imagine w fo2 kel chi I fell and hurt my shoulder, remember???? But I already used that excuse to skip the training once to go shopping lol :P

Krys said...

And m, 2 contre 1...unfair! :(

Khawwta said...

I liked the 1st one "Had to go te leb..family matter.."
You'll find the perfect solution :)

Mone said...

that is so funny and cute :)

u always need a new "one" up your sleeve, for example for me working on computers, "network traffic", "outlook errors", "busy on other priority", "production issues" "System issues", "needed to reboot", ...can get very creative, but thank god I rarely use them :)

_z. said...

mmmm sorry ken fi 3aj2it seir.

Delirious said...

"Ma da22 el alarm!!" (my excuse for arriving terribly late to work this morning)

Yi, la2... it was at 8.30 p.m. :-/

Yalla khabbrina shoo biseer ma3ik. Natreen!

Oh.. and eypkggc ;-)

Krys said...

khawwta, just by mentionning the word Lebanon and you could get what you want :) on xmas I had to mention also the word WAR in order to get 3 additionnal days :P

mone, you must be very lucky...ana I always have to find smg cause I always skip courses to do some important stuff (other than shopping akid lol :D)

_z. heyde kenit ahsan hejje back at university days..."3aj2et l mathaf" w "3aj2et l dawra" w..... :D

delirious, don't tell me ur in the game with M and NB!!! chou heyda serto 3 versus 1 :(

I still have till next wednesday ta chouf my boss, I will update you then.....

Khawwta said...

That's my girl

Liliane said...

Say "Female problems" :P

Krys said...

Good idea liliane...ma fakaret fiya :D