Jan 14, 2007

Des jours comme ça....

.........watching The Simpsons, a bottle of Coca light and Brownies......that's the episode when Marge decides to become a police officer, and surprisingly you hear the phone ringing...."Damn I am in Leb, how come the ringing is the same as the one I have in Paris!!"........Still ringing..................That's when you wake up and realise you still in Paris and you're only dreaming cause no way you could be watching TV since it's been 3 months that you got the TV but haven't got the cable yet (so basically your TV is an ornament object in the room) and really the phone is ringing!

-Allo (with the french accent)
-Tu dors encore?

-Visiblement oui...Il est quelle heure?
-Quoi???????? Fi chi????

-Nop bas am calling you b4 you head to work.....
-Hellooooooooo, am not working anymore!!
-Yi c vrai, nsit!

-Eh oui, t'étais dans un autre monde quand je t'en ai parlé....il t'avait envoyé un texto et t'as presque perdu conscience et t'écoutais plus un seul mot de ce que je disais!
-Bala sa2alé!
-Mais non je suis serieuse, tu perds la tête à chaque fois qu'il te fait signe...majdoubé!!!
-Yeah yeah...on verra bien...

-On verra bien quoi??

-Le jour quand toi tu perdras ta tête..
-Hahahaha, qu'est ce que tu peux être naĩve parfois!!!!
-Teb, rira bien qui rira le dernier...
-Dis donc si c'est pour dire des conneries que tu m'appeles samedi matin à 8h, vaut mieux raccrocher!!

-Typically Krys
-Tu n'a qu'à te retirer si mon attitude ne te plais pas!!!

-Mais non je te tire ma révérence instead....Hommage à toi eternal bachelorette!
-Hidden skills de bon matin toi!!
-Nop, c'est l'inspiration
-Inspiration.....Love....Amour...."L'amour, l'amour, l'amour"....You know the song from the Hotel Costes Album
-Bla bla bla...Bicharafik spare me details.....don't start!!!! Ba3ed fi chi??

-Tu t'empresses d'aller où?

-Je retourne à mon rêve

-Hoooo, vu ton empressement on dirait que tu rêvais au prince charmant!!
-Hey call me when you wake up again, I have some bla bla bla to tell u

-Vu (avec une grimace cause I know it's gonna be the usual bla bla bla for hours)...a+

And eventually I couldn't sleep anymore.......So I prepared my coffee, put on Phil Coulter's Cd and with a sigh opened the window to see this beautiful view.......After all she didn't ruin my saturday morning.......
....I could have missed that view had I slept for a later hour..............


Sam said...

rien ne vaut la grasse matinée du samedi matin je nel'echangerai pou rien au monde

Krys said...

Si si Sam...celle du dimanche matin :D

Sam said...
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Hmmmmmmm, do you get a lot of such phone calls? you might as well consider getting an answering machine!!! And guess what? you get to record your own message, and knowing your "Yoohhooooo" khwet! I guess you will enjoy creating the freakiest message!

volt said...

donc tu reves de devenir officier de police?
ben c'est bien, t'as deja les chaussures :)
reste a savoir si tu peux aligner 50 push up...

acidFOG said...

HUH?? I only got simpsons, brownies, and diet coke, other that that... it's just a blank!! :(

Krys said...

m, you don't want to know about the phone calls I get from work at 6am on a saturday from work..."stp on a besoin de toi en urgence" & when I asked them to stop calling me at the last minute....they switched to friday night around 11 pm :)
Me recording a message on the answering machine....well can you imagine what could it be?? ;)

volt, que puis je dire, j'ai des reves bizarres!!!
50 push up...is that all what it takes?...super demain je m'inscris a "Police academy" :D

acidfog, You got the main part....nevermind the rest, it's girls' bla bla bla about some stupid stuff... lol :D

nobilis tobilis said...

I wonder how does Simpsons sound in French. (if you get ur cable)

According to the pic, u don't live in Paris persei, in the suburbs. U're lucky. Away from all the noise and pollution.

Krys said...

Ya reyt je suis a la campagne loin de tt le stress parisien et la pollution...Je suis ds le 14eme :P