May 26, 2007

All you could hear....

One week ago:
"Chou tu y vas quand?"
"Combien tu as payé ton billet?"
"Tu y vas direct ou avec escale?"
"Bien sûr qu'on y va"
"Mais nooooon y a rien à craindre!!!"
"Encore 4 semaines...3 sem...2 sem..."
"Je sous loue mon appart 3mois, tu connais quelqu'un?"
"Je fais ma retraite au liban, man no way paris en
été, ba3den man lebnen hatta law daress enu lebnen!!!"
"On verra pour l'
équivalence, fi wa2et"
"J'aurai mon diplôme à la fin de ce semestre, khalas je voyage plus,
je m'installe dans mon cabinet"

This week:

"Chou tu as annulé ton billet?"
"L'assurance te rembourse??"
"J'ai juste pay
é une pénalité"
"T'as dis au propiétaire que tu restes en été?"
"Chou l plan B pr cet été? Côte d'azur? Corse? Barcelone? Dubai?"
"Thank god j'ai pas sous lou
é mon appart encore"
"Shit shit shit....c'est quand le deadline pour l'
"C'est quand les inscriptions à Paris 7 pour l'ann
ée 07/08"
"Je rentre plus...tu connais quelqu'un qui y va pour envoyer quelques trucs avec?
Ah bon?.. personne??!!!....bon tu me tiens au courant si par hasard quelqu'un décide d'y aller??"

May 18, 2007

Can you say no?

For Andy Garcia?......Yes
For chocolate?.............Yep
For dancing?....................Oui
For Martini?...................... Wai
For Mojito?........................... Si Si
For love?...............Definitely YES
For shoes on sale?
NO NO NO and NO...
*Now I'm officially, practically, deeply broke*

May 14, 2007


Everybody's so keen about facebook recently and this is no surprise "tout nouveau tout beau" and when it comes to us, lebanese people, we are the greatest fans of gossips and curiosity regarding each other's private life.
But this post is not to argue the utility of Facebook, am copying/pasting here what a girl, C., wrote in the ZAHLE group.
Out of nowhere, when each member was expressing how much he loooooooooooooooves zahle and all the bla bla bla that comes out of people who left, C. posts the following:

"hi ahl zahle ana bade wajehlkoun riseli masihie w eslem esa bthebo cherko ma3na bas ana ya rayetni bi lebnen, fi masira 3ala bkerki kermel maskhara taba3 madona li an ghalbatit lel assaf w ftakarit weja sermayeta w hatit al salib betmana tcherko bokra please kel wahad bi lebnen ycherik please li an ma rah ne2bal hadan yde2 bi salibna w bi al din taba3na mneheb kel al adyen w mnehterim kel al adyien w lezim hene kamen ykounou haik w tzakaro eno yassou3 nsalab kermelna fa ma lezim nesma7 la 7adan yzakzekna w yde2 bi massihiyetna please cherko zahle deyman btcherik w ela mawe2if kounou ad al 7emel metel ma ba3refkoun deyman please ya rayt ana bi lebnen mech bas kenet 3melet mozahara 3ala bkerke la kenet 3melet mozahara 3ala day3eta al zbeli eli tol3it mena..."

What on earth is this girl talking about?!!? Then we found out that she was talking about that show the American Madonna (pls note that it's not the lebanese Madonna) did where she performed on a cross.

Then after few questions, trying to find out from this girl what's the use of such a propaganda and plus that show took place a year ago and why on earth she thinks zahle is so concerned!!
Here's what she replied":

"sorry za3ajna khaterkoun mech hay2to al mawdou3 bi khosskoun daya3telkoun waktkoun kermel chi tefih bel nesbi elkoun bas ktir mhem bel nesbi lal ackhas eli bi hebo alla w akid bi nazare nicole wakta sta3malit rosary w hateta khelkhal bi majalit ahla bi dubai w madona hatit mahala matrah yassou3 be3te2id fi ktir toro2 w haflet bta3mela ta tejmaa masari ....."

Ok so I replied to her telling her that that's not what we are arguing about, who loves god and who's concerned and bla bla bla...(sparing you the rest)

So what am wondering about is how come people get so compulsive like this?
I mean "massira 3a bkerke"??? what the hell??

All we think about is protesting and propaganda and getting defensive.
Lots of people condemned the overrated islamic reaction to those danish caricatures and now this girl is calling basically for the same thing in the zahle way of talking :P, el sett C. badda ta3moul mouzahara 3a bkerke.

As if we haven't had enough of demonstrations in this country, and as if there aren't other stuff way more important in leb to take care of.

I may not be a religious person, I am christian because I was born in a christian family in a christian town, and I respect everybody's point of view and maybe what Madonna did should be condemned but at the year 2007 such compulsive reactions are not acceptable.
We are mature, educated, civilised people and we could make the world hear our point of view by other means in the 21th century.

May 11, 2007

May 6, 2007

Anger management...

Ceci n'est pas une tête...
Ceci est une tête...???

Ceci est une tête de con de bachibouzouk errant dans ce cosmos complexe, imposée à l'humanité et imposant à l'humanité une rage de dents métastasante en une névralgie psychosante carbonisante et mortifiante...

Ceci est une tête
de con de bachibouzouk diffusant des ondes foutaisantes peroxydées remodelantes des nano synapses cholinergiques restantes...

Ceci n'est pas une tête...
Ceci est une tête vide....complètment....totalement....absolument vide!!!!