Dec 30, 2006

2007 Resolutions.

  1. Study less.........? sure and graduate in 2011 instead of 2009!
  2. Work less..........? sure but no more Gucci shoes or Armani watches!
  3. Less addiction to internet.......? yeah right, and how do I breathe!
  4. Less shopping..........? what??????
  5. Less coffee............? aha and ironically on the 1st I'll need at least 2 cups to wake up properly after the new year's eve so basically 2007 will start with coffee!
  6. Learning to cook.........? why do I need it as long as we have chinese fast food, Mc Donald's Milkshake, 0 fat marshmallows and my good friend "the chef Gus" !
  7. Sell your brain on eBay.....? that's a good idea...nowadays it's being a burden and it's frightening some people!
  8. The heart??...........? mmm gotta figure out a way to deal with it...did I say way? pffffft I meant time????? and what for...???
  9. Giving second chances..........? for friends and family perhaps but men........naaaaah !!!

And bla bla bla we really need this date to set our resolutions???

Happy New Year everyone........

Dec 23, 2006

Via Tiziouzou....

Via Srilanka....?
Via India.....?
Via Honolulu...?
Via Tibet....?
Via Tiziouzou...?
Anything but GOD DAMN IT find me a place on a plane before 10pm, I am about to crash down!!!

Ok so now it's 9 in the morning, still at Malpenza Airport, the passenger attendant threatened me of getting security if I don't step back and stop yelling at her!!!!

Stupid terminal....

Going straight forward to the subject : I am stuck in Milano airport for 24 hours!!!
Ok so here's the story: the plane is overbooked ....what the hell, my ticket was booked 2 months ago and confirmed twice, I don't understand I am going on this plane....yeah as if someone is listening, I screamed, I yelled I was even about to cry (that's a premiere!) but nobody seems to care.

Jesus Christ, I can't leave the airport cause I have a temporary "carte de sejour" valid only in France and imagine me sitting for 24 hours, (the 1st available flight), in the airport where everything is closed, there's not even a coffee machine!
So right now it's 3:25 past midnight, am exhausted and can't blink an eye cause I am afraid to get robbed (since my mom has been robbed twice in here and her friend 3 times, beleive it or not!)

No coffee....that's enough to make me tensed....
I smoked 2 cigarettes...why? No idea.

It's 3:27, I should have been at beirouth airport by now hugging my parents, and creating a mess at home with all the gifts that I managed somehow with my overloaded schedule to get.

Stupid Alitalia......... al overbooked plane, chi ma byetsada2, and I confirmed twice !!!!
Stupid passenger assistant......... she made me a reservation at 10pm tomorrow and closed the desk so I have to wait till 6 in the morning to try to find a way to get 2 beyrouth via anyhting possible!
Stupid Malpenza coffee machine, no water, no candies, nothing!
Stupid Alitalia head office........ confirmation done twice to finally come out with no place at the plane!
Stupid french passenger assistant......."ne vous inquietez pas madame, je vous ai enregistree pour le vol Milan Beyrouth, ms vous prenez votre boarding pass a Milan"....... I just wish I could go back & hit him (yeah yeah you read well HIT HIM)
Stupid world..........
Stupid everything.......

I just wanna go home, only 6 hours have passed, there's 18 left and I am already tired, head aching, eyes blurry............I NEED TO RELEASE SOME ANGER...........
thank god there's WiFi connection and I have my laptop with me otherwise I would probably have a brain strike!

Dec 21, 2006


Fear?..... Fear of what!
Stress?... That's not new!
Anxious?... Never been there!
Love?... Yeah don't make me laugh!
Excitement?... Bof!
Anger?... So not me!
Then what is it?
Somebody explain this weird feeling to me!

Dec 19, 2006

I have no excuse...

...for not having the time to send you an email to congratulate you on your wedding eventhough I was planning to call you the day before but I guess time just slips away!

Congratulations.....Best of luck, love and deserve it.
Good luck for your exams, I know you can do it :)

Hope to see you soon w 3a2bel l bambino... :D

Dec 18, 2006

Duh Moment!!!

When you push someone to the edge..... do expect him to jump, duh!

If you don't catch "The butterfly"..... your loss...there's always someone after it, we're talking about a butterfly, duh!

Life is about seizing opportunities, miss it once and it's over...chance is a one time shot, duh!

...ok so these are all the Duh of this be continued...

Dec 17, 2006


Working 2 days a week, training 3 times a week in 3 hospitals, taking courses 2 days a week in 2 universities... everybody called it "JNOUN",

Paying 200 euros for silver GUCCI shoes, I call it "Krys JNOUN",

Skipping courses & training days to go to Leb for the holidays, this is "Worth it JNOUN",

Getting the new fushia nano iPod, I call it "distinguished JNOUN",

But going for "Krysmas" shopping on a sunday afternoon in Paris...Damn!...that's "SUPER DUPER JNOUN".

Dec 16, 2006


Breathe in.........Breathe out.......Breathe in.......Breathe out
Tam tam tam tarararaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
Doooooooooooooooon't worry..............Beeeeeeeeeeeeeee Happy!

Dec 13, 2006

The perfect fairy tale.

Once upon a time, a guy deeply in love with a girl asked her the question "will you marry me?"
She said "no" and they both lived happily ever after....

Dec 11, 2006

Is it worth it?

For the "Kooooooooookz" my bro shouts as soon as I cross the slipping door at the arrivals,

For the non stop talking till dawn (that's because everytime I go to leb, whatever the company I fly with, I get there at 3 in the morning),

For the banging at the door at 8 in the morning, Nadz waking me up and bringing mne2ich from zaatar w zeyt,

For the phone calls I start receiving from zahle, friends and grand parents up there "at what time are you coming, yalla khalsina men beirut",

For the phone calls I start receiving once I spend a day at zahle "chou fi bi zahle, yalla nzale 3a beyrouth",

For the dance and the kisses I get from Franka once I step in zahle's house,

For all the good food my grandma prepares for one single meal (that's because she thinks am "malnutrie a paris" -her own words)

For the awakening call the next morning from our old neighboors in the early morning "bikaffe nom, natrinik, le nescafe est pret, 2 nescafes ,1 coffe mate, sans sucre, 1 davidoff slim ready, yalla on t'attend"

For all the "chou?" with the look I get from my mom, meaning "any new boyfriend?"

For the long hours gathering at "starbucks" over a Frappuccino starting at 4 with two friends then finishing at ten with the whole old university group, the same old funny souvenirs and yet we still laugh everytime we bring it up,

For all the 0 fat strawberry murchmallows,

For having my mom waking me up instead of the noisy cellular alarm,

For wishing the day was more than 24 hours so I could catch up with everything and everyone,

For driving my beloved POLO,

For watching "The Simpsons" with my brother at 3 after midnight after party,drinking beer and eating Pringles, laughing so out loud than having mom yelling at us "wled ekhir zaman, turn off everything and go to sleep".......then laughing again at her and making fun of her the next day cause she was "somnambule",

For having my nescafe ready, my laundry done, my food prepared, my room cleaned by someone other than me,

For all the above and lots of other stuff I could name till dawn (cause it's already 2pm), or maybe in another post, and for godsake,


Dec 8, 2006

Et maintenant que vais je faire??


Have a break

...have a kit kat? eh eh la2
...have a a ticket to spend the week end in Lyon where they are celebrating "la fete des lumieres"

Lyon, here I come....

Dec 6, 2006


GREAT Minds… Discuss IDEAS
AVERAGE Minds... Discuss EVENTS
SMALL Minds… Discuss PEOPLE

My mind.....overloaded displaying the following message
"the disk in destination is full please delete some items"....

Dec 5, 2006

Silence is golden

Dec 4, 2006

Coffee again

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had difficulties to wake up every monday morning (actually difficulties to wake up any hour before noon).
So it's monday morning again she had the usual 4 hours of sleep but this night was exceptionnal : she had weird nightmares -such as Walid Joumblatt hitting Nayla Moawad in the parliament and it was broadcasted live on tv (no idea where did this come from), or such as they want to take back the scolarship she got, or such as Robert De Niro and Al Pacino asking her to take a pic for both of them (yep all these in one single night)- so she wakes up and decides that anyhow she's gonna start the week in shape and very good mood and what's better than coffee for such a start.

OoOoOoOoOps she forgot to buy coffee!!

I'll spare you the rest of the story...

Dec 2, 2006

Merde alors!!!

Or shall I say like the Capitaine Haddock from TINTIN used to say "Mille millions de mille sabords!!!"
OK so you woke up on the wrong side of the bed...then you were late for your courses......then your best friend hits you with the worst news that could happen to her.....then you're finally home at 7, restless.
At 9, Estella & Pablo are hitting on your door, there's a party downstairs... They are all spanish and italians and one canadian and they all speak prob 3 glasses of red wine and I don't know how but I managed to understand spanish and think it's funny? wait till you here the rest...
Going remember "oh wait haven't checked my mail box today"....Done! You start jumping, you finally got the "convocation" for your "titre de sejour" but....... when the hell is the "rendez vous"???? On the 28nd of December!!!! And when are you planning to go home?? On the 22nd..............Ok so now you have an idea of how furious am I!!!!!
Merde alors!!!!!!!!!!!!