Dec 11, 2006

Is it worth it?

For the "Kooooooooookz" my bro shouts as soon as I cross the slipping door at the arrivals,

For the non stop talking till dawn (that's because everytime I go to leb, whatever the company I fly with, I get there at 3 in the morning),

For the banging at the door at 8 in the morning, Nadz waking me up and bringing mne2ich from zaatar w zeyt,

For the phone calls I start receiving from zahle, friends and grand parents up there "at what time are you coming, yalla khalsina men beirut",

For the phone calls I start receiving once I spend a day at zahle "chou fi bi zahle, yalla nzale 3a beyrouth",

For the dance and the kisses I get from Franka once I step in zahle's house,

For all the good food my grandma prepares for one single meal (that's because she thinks am "malnutrie a paris" -her own words)

For the awakening call the next morning from our old neighboors in the early morning "bikaffe nom, natrinik, le nescafe est pret, 2 nescafes ,1 coffe mate, sans sucre, 1 davidoff slim ready, yalla on t'attend"

For all the "chou?" with the look I get from my mom, meaning "any new boyfriend?"

For the long hours gathering at "starbucks" over a Frappuccino starting at 4 with two friends then finishing at ten with the whole old university group, the same old funny souvenirs and yet we still laugh everytime we bring it up,

For all the 0 fat strawberry murchmallows,

For having my mom waking me up instead of the noisy cellular alarm,

For wishing the day was more than 24 hours so I could catch up with everything and everyone,

For driving my beloved POLO,

For watching "The Simpsons" with my brother at 3 after midnight after party,drinking beer and eating Pringles, laughing so out loud than having mom yelling at us "wled ekhir zaman, turn off everything and go to sleep".......then laughing again at her and making fun of her the next day cause she was "somnambule",

For having my nescafe ready, my laundry done, my food prepared, my room cleaned by someone other than me,

For all the above and lots of other stuff I could name till dawn (cause it's already 2pm), or maybe in another post, and for godsake,



Anonymous said...


Maya@NYC said...

:)... definitely worth it.. enjoy!

Tilda said...

Of course it's worth it... maybe not the polo part though; I have a polo and I literally hate it! you never know what to expect with that "moody car" as maya@nyc says..
anyway, welcome home!

Krys said...

Maya@nyc, u 2 and have a safe trip :)

Tilda, thx and lol for the "moody car" :D.... walla I would still want it rather than spending half of the day underground where the metro's pollution is so deadly and where I get stuffed with hundreds of other people smelling all kind of disgusting smells one could imagine.

C moi :D said...

Miss tu t'en fous royal!!!
yalla start packing!

Sam said...

krys tu n'as qu'a venir vivre à Lyon t'as bien vu comme le metro est propre ici, on se croirait dans son salon; "Paris... quelle ville de merde!" (c'est les lyonnais qui disent ça lol)

Anonymous said...

ma t3assbi fiki bil asssasss ma tridi... Iza hal2ad ma 3am yifham ahla chi tanchi :)

Krys said...

c moi : Dis donc t'as finalement donne signe de vie!! Where have you been and why ur cell is always off???
Starting to pack is not a problem, time to pack is the problem!!! Surbookee :(

Khawwta, just like "c moi" said, je m'en fiche royal.

Sam, :)

_z. said...

ma3loum it's worth it...

love your blog. glad to have found you krys.

Krys said...

_z. : thx for passing by & am glad that u love my blog... :D