Dec 2, 2006

Merde alors!!!

Or shall I say like the Capitaine Haddock from TINTIN used to say "Mille millions de mille sabords!!!"
OK so you woke up on the wrong side of the bed...then you were late for your courses......then your best friend hits you with the worst news that could happen to her.....then you're finally home at 7, restless.
At 9, Estella & Pablo are hitting on your door, there's a party downstairs... They are all spanish and italians and one canadian and they all speak prob 3 glasses of red wine and I don't know how but I managed to understand spanish and think it's funny? wait till you here the rest...
Going remember "oh wait haven't checked my mail box today"....Done! You start jumping, you finally got the "convocation" for your "titre de sejour" but....... when the hell is the "rendez vous"???? On the 28nd of December!!!! And when are you planning to go home?? On the 22nd..............Ok so now you have an idea of how furious am I!!!!!
Merde alors!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

3anjad 3al2a!
bas rou2i , ma t3asbi ktir..
2eb2i khabrina shu bisir ma3ek

Maya@NYC said...

how unlucky!!

Krys said...

I wish that was only the fact of being "unlucky"'s the silly french "paperasse" system!!
Dallo yekhdoune w yjiboune so I got late for presenting it!!!
"excusez moi madame, faudra revenir la semaine prochaine avec ca, ca et ca"...
"ah bon! et pourquoi pas demain"
"ben les renouvellements c ke les jeudis.Suivant"