Dec 13, 2006

The perfect fairy tale.

Once upon a time, a guy deeply in love with a girl asked her the question "will you marry me?"
She said "no" and they both lived happily ever after....


Anonymous said...

ya krsytel éjéké 3ariss??
pourquoi tu as dis non?!?!?!
fi banet 3am bi mouto 3a 3ariss!!!

Mounir Aswad said...

Naaa... no need to will happen when the time is right..

Anonymous said...

hehe! yeah you think? I am not sure anymore..

did you say no?

Anonymous said...

3ajabitni hay ktiiir
It seems that she don't like him


S@m said...

Ma elik gheyr tjarbé el khatifé comme la fille k'on connait ;)

Krys said...

Anonymous : The obly thing I would die fot is a pair of GUCCI shoes and definitely not a "3ariss" lol.

Mone: exactly "time is not right yet"

Sam: Yeah right!!!

_z. & Khawwta : I'll just quote Frank Sinatra "Love and marriage
go together like a horse and carriage, you cant have one without the other"....did I answer you? ;)