Apr 2, 2007

What do you say?

La maman says "No doubt...they switched you at the hospital, no way you could be my daughter"

The bro says "The sis rocks"

Nadz says "Majnouné!!! Remind me how come you're my best friend??"

Tans says "Wliii mnen btetla3é fiyoun"

Sam says
....euh I dunno, let's see in the comments what he has to say.

Stigma says "Couuuuuuuuuuuz hahahaha" and he keeps on laughing, never ends his line!

Rany says "Talking to you is a traumatic experience"

Sab says "T'as perdu la boule toi!!! T'es incontrôlable"

Hmarté says "Bel weyl haltik sayra....rassik ha2o malyoun, que sera ma vie sans toi à Paris "

Janjoun says "Ma bsadde2, you're never gonna change!!!"

MMMMMMMMM says "Are you noticing that all your friends (cyber or real) are freaks?"

He #1 says
"Alla ysé3édné 3leyké"

He #2 says "Why haven't I met you before"

He #3 says
"Your madness spice up my life, you don't wanna be with me but at least can I clone you?"

I say "what a silly narcisitic post hahaha :).....oh and one thing WE ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE............drop dead if you're taking yourself and life too seriously!!!"


just me said...

just me says:
dou you love me
dou you dou you
dou you need me
dou you dou you
dou you want me
dou you dou dou
will d dou you d dou you ya dou you **with derbaké akid**

Krys said...

Krys says:

dou you laaave miii dou you dou you
dou you nid mii dou you dou you
dou you wont me dou you dou you
dou dou you ah dou you you you dou you ah dou you dou you dou you yeeeeuuu
oh la lalalala lalalala lalala

*ma3 hazzit khasser kamen*
:D :D

just me said...


Sam said...

krys am i that unpredictable? ma hallik tehfadiné?

ken fiké thette
Sam>>>> Mich tay2Ik wala tayi2 halé wala tayi2 hada

Krys said...

Sam>> c pas nouveau ca...ben t'as qu'a te suicider mon pote...jette toi sur les rames du train...
oh ms avant stp I need my Mozart CDss for the zillion time
et encore un truc samsoum...tu nous legues a "just me" et moi les dvds de "Sex & the city" and "desperate housewives" si tu decides de mettre fin a ta vie???

Sam said...

non jamais de la vie je desire ke je sois incineré avec tous mes dvds cds et livres (ça prendra du temps à tout bruler)

Krys said...

Ms Sam faudra une eternite pr bruler tous tes cds et dvds!!!!!

Mone said...

if one is taking life too seriously he doesn't need to drop dead HE IS DEAD!

Krys said...

Mone there is even worse than those taking life seriously....people taking themselves seriously...yayks how boring hehe :))

just me said...

allllllez sam on est gentil moi et Krys ! on aura les DVDs des desperate
allllez **grand sourir gentil**

Khawwta said...

wallla ma3ik ha2 1000000%

Mone said...

what should do about these then Krys, destroy them with Pif Paf on them??

acidfog said...

"narcisitic post" Really?? Hmm.. I didnt notice, it's not like everything in YOUR blog is always about Krys Krys Krys Krys Krys, I did that, and I went, and I bought, and I lost my shoes, and stuff! Nope, it's about stuff that people "REALLY" need to know!! :P Mwahahahahahaaaaaaa (EVIL)!! :D JK, Great Blog!! NOT!!! lol

Mone said...

how about girls can't write html...that link (myself) doesn't work :S

Krys said...

hahahahahaha busted :P
Damn how did u bust me lol :))))

Krys said...

Mone>> noooooooo Pif Paf is useless...try Baygon lol :D

Khawwta>> woman ente btefhamile rasse :))

acidfog>> ohh I think I need therapy...
well at least I haven't tried to drawmyself
on my blog hahaha

And how can U say that ur not learning anything on my precious blog han???


acidfog said...

:O you're mean!! :( that was supposed to be a logo!! :'( waaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Krys said...

ehem ehem...



Your freak friend is so fuckin sick :(

Krys said...

Malaaaaaade??? Completement malaaaaaaaade???

Liliane said...

Wlek how did i miss this post! ya alla shou hal benet!!! narcisiye bi ouwe

Krys said...

now miss where did this statement come from han???han??han??