Feb 1, 2007

The sound of music

"When you read you begin with A-B-C
When you sing you begin with do-re-mi
Let's see if I can make it easy..."
The sound of music soundtrack

DOE Depends On Experience you geeeek!
Ray the x-ray for your brain I neeeed!
Me the girl, you dream to meeeeet...
Fuck all this routine indeeeeed!
So I think I made it cleeeear!
La llla llla llla I don't wanna heeeear!
See after all, I am this weeeeeird!
That will bring us back to.....D'OH!

So this is how I build my song
Now once you have these notes in your head
Can you still beleive you could sing me a different tone?


frencheagle said...

pas mal l ambiance de ce blog :s

elle mettrait le feu dans une boite de nuit /siffle

acidfog said...

nice song!!! so cool, and it works well with everybody! :D

Mone said...

oh my god...i died laughing ...lol very well done :):)


KrYs you are FINE ;)

F: Freaky (kidding)
I: Insecure (also Kidding)
N: Neurotic (aydan wa aydan)
E: Eccentric (Perhaps not so much kidding :D)

But all in an amazingly funny way


Stigma said...

stop it.
whatever it is.
stop it.


frere jacques please!?

Sam said...

finally u found the first line
not bad lol

Krys said...

frencheagle, on teuf ici :D ....et attention les billets se vendent au marche noir :D

acidfog, am not sure it fits everyone!

mone, laughter is the best natural cure, ma heyk ;)

M,if you think I'm FINE, wait till you meet my evil twin :D

stigma, you stop it otherwise no more "Tarte aux epinards" or "raviolis aux cepes"!!!!!

And here's your request:
frere stigze, frere stigze
delirez vous? delirez vous?
allez vous faire {touuuuuuuut},
allez vous faire {touuuuuuuuut},
din dan don

sam, qf on a raccroche, une pepsi max au citron vert and the "Sabre Dance" of Khachaturian...that's how I got my first line :P

frencheagle said...

je ne suis pas inquiet pour le marché noir...

Prends l'accent mafioso libanais ...

(histoire vrai du fils lahoud au crystal)


ps: n'aime pô le crystal

Krys said...

Frencheagle, c'est dingue ce que tu me racontes la, g t pas au courant...il est cinglé ce mec sans doute! lol :D

ps: n'aime pô du tt du tt le crystal :D