Dec 17, 2006


Working 2 days a week, training 3 times a week in 3 hospitals, taking courses 2 days a week in 2 universities... everybody called it "JNOUN",

Paying 200 euros for silver GUCCI shoes, I call it "Krys JNOUN",

Skipping courses & training days to go to Leb for the holidays, this is "Worth it JNOUN",

Getting the new fushia nano iPod, I call it "distinguished JNOUN",

But going for "Krysmas" shopping on a sunday afternoon in Paris...Damn!...that's "SUPER DUPER JNOUN".


S@m said...

Ya 3ayné ma fi fushia ipod
fi pink ipod

Krys said...

Ya 3eyne, kermel ma tez3al, let's call it "Flashy Pink"...although am convinced that's fushia!

Mounir Aswad said...

and what s life without some JNOUN? :)

Krys said...

Indeed would be boring!