Dec 17, 2006


Working 2 days a week, training 3 times a week in 3 hospitals, taking courses 2 days a week in 2 universities... everybody called it "JNOUN",

Paying 200 euros for silver GUCCI shoes, I call it "Krys JNOUN",

Skipping courses & training days to go to Leb for the holidays, this is "Worth it JNOUN",

Getting the new fushia nano iPod, I call it "distinguished JNOUN",

But going for "Krysmas" shopping on a sunday afternoon in Paris...Damn!...that's "SUPER DUPER JNOUN".


Sam said...

Ya 3ayné ma fi fushia ipod
fi pink ipod

Krys said...

Ya 3eyne, kermel ma tez3al, let's call it "Flashy Pink"...although am convinced that's fushia!

Mone said...

and what s life without some JNOUN? :)

Krys said...

Indeed would be boring!